Success starts with the first step

I am very pleased to announce two important steps have taken place.

One you might have noticed our name has been added a new bit at the end. We are now a fully tax exempt public benefit organisation.

Any donations given will receive a certificate with the PBO numbered receipt on it in the year it was donated.

Also we are pleased to announce we have been appointed by the community to represent their modalities in the negotiations with government in setting the highest possible standards for practitioners in their chosen modalities. Laughter Yoga Cape Town Image

This is good news for everyone as it means certain standards will be agreed to and met by the members and the associations who are professional body members of the Energy Healers Association and all others who have appointed us to take this process forward and be a guide.

We do not dictate what your modality specifications are. You tell us what you want included and we take it forward to government for you and for the greatest  good.

Please do remember that when you pay your membership fee which is a low as we can make it, know we understand how it is and we are working for your benefit.  All the membership fee money goes towards making the process go smoothly, any monies donated goes towards the nominated projects or one will be nominated for the donor.

This process is not cheap and so any fund raising you can do to fill our empty bank account will be gratefully received .  The money will be needed for the administration of this project and to keep the process running once the process has completed.

We are working to make this process succeed so that it will be possible that your local qualification will acceptable around the world and as such is to be a world first for the Energy Healing Community.

For our professional body & member associations thank you for your continued support! The really hard work is now beginning and the future is bright. We have a lot to be thank full of and a lot of work up ahead of us to be thankful for.

With you we can do more, with your help & support we have kept our promises and will keep pushing this forward so please do share this great news and get fund raising, for your community and everyone benefits.

Our charity programs aimed at the vulnerable will help create up to five thousand new job opportunities once the qualification is accepted.  It will be  a path to a better life for all those who have been deprived of opportunities in the past, with our training facilities eventually growing we will be able to provide more people with the opportunities. With this they will be guided to and work towards getting the most good from and in return give back to the communities they in turn come from or just start their own small businesses.  Our abused women & children programs will get the boost so sorely needed and in time as the funding grows we can do a little more every day.

Success, starts with that first step.