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not all our registered practitioners choose to be listed, this will be changing in due course to be in line with regulations about memberships being verified for those practitioners who practice with any members of the public, paid or unpaid.

However to comply with world wide privacy laws, you can request verification of membership by email if they are not listed below. Any private information cannot be divulged unless specifically allowed and requested by the practitioner and supplied information will be listed on request of the practitioner, trainer, master trainer or members.

if you are looking for your listing, please get in touch as we need to have your explicit permission to be listed, in line with the law.


Please note, this page is going to change slightly and is constantly updated, changed and information is also changed to keep it up to date. If you dont see your membership listed please get in touch with Suzanne.

Cape Town Region

Lameeze Benjamin

0001 0040
Master Practitioner & Master Trainer


EFT Tapping Master Practitioner and Trainer

Lameez benjamin

Cape Town

076 8974975
Facebook: @efttappingcapetown





EFT tapping Practitioner & Reiki Master Practitioner











 Deepriver, Cape Town

EFT Practitioner

Penny Snyders

EFT Tapping Practice : Deep river Cape Town

Tri-lingual Afrikaans,Afikanders and English



Melissa Brown

EFT Tapping Practitioner



Energy Freedom Techniques Tapping Practitioner








Mooreesburg, Western Cape


Reiki & MetaPhysics

Gavin Hewson






Johannesburg region

Eldorado Park

Carmen Botha-Ahmed

Client Number 0662285561
Master Practitioner


Reiki Master Practitioner

Mobile Cellular Number 0662285561

Practice:  Barrydale Rd ext 4 Eldorado Park Gauteng 1812






Valid Until April 2025
Paid up -Valid until 04/2025


Telephone +27662382880 

Reiki Master Practitioner,

Crystal Healing Practitioner, & EFT Tapping Practitioner

Access The Bars Practitioner

Members Practice : Luna Eclipse Holistic Healing and Wellness Center, 7 Eugene Street Wilropark , Gauteng
Members Website:, .






Monique Swart - Reiki Master TrainerMonkor Drive, Randpark, Johannesburg, South Africa


Google maps:

Fluent in : English and Afrikaans

Monique Swart Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher

T: +27 (0) 83 679 2110 | W:







Tracy Lester




BodyTalk System Practitioner

Practitioner Number

0001 0048

082 601 1770

Pisces Street




Practice : Randpark Ridge

Reiki Master Practitioner


 telephone number: 082 327 9649

 Facebook page :







Elaine Stavrou
Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Trainer,
Crystal Healing Trainer
Practitioner :- Colour Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Jikiden, Chakra Balancing,
Spiritual Counselling, Tarot
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.



UAE / Dubai / South Africa











United Kingdom


Suzanne Zacharia

Suzanne Zacharia, Founder Member, Treasurer
EFT Master/Reiki Master

020 8133 5356

Practitioner Number :0020 0000 0001 0002

EFT Master Trainer


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