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not all our registered practitioners choose to be listed, this will be changing in due course to be in line with regulations about memberships being verified for those practitioners who practice with any members of the public, paid or unpaid.

However to comply with world wide privacy laws, you can request verification of membership by email if they are not listed below. Any private information cannot be divulged unless specifically allowed and requested by the practitioner and supplied information will be listed on request of the practitioner, trainer, master trainer or members.

if you are looking for your listing, please get in touch as we need to have your explicit permission to be listed, in line with the law.


Saras Naidoo

Saras Naidoo
Reiki Practitioner Healing Hands
072 246 3270
Surrey Medical Centre, 4 Pluto Road, Surrey Estate, Cape Town

Johannesburg region

Angela Whitehouse

Angela Whitehouse
Master Trainer

Angela Whitehouse
Usui Shiki Ryoho; Gendai & Usui Reiki Ryoho; Karuna® Reiki and Lightarian™ Reik Master Teacher,
Jikiden® Reiki Practitioner.
Crystal Healing, Animal Healing, Chakra Balancing,
Access Bars
Reiki 1,2 & Advanced & Masters courses, Gendai Reiki Courses, Karuna® Reiki Courses, Colour Therapy Courses,
Crystal Healing
084 588 5312



Tracy Lester

Tracy Lester


BodyTalk System Practitioner

Practitioner Number

0001 0048

082 601 1770

Pisces Street

Randburg, Johanesburg

Mihaela Maritz

Current Membership
Valid until 2022

Mihaela Maritz

Phone number +27 76 9016974

Email mihaelamaritz at

Facebook page


    • Body Talk in person or distance
    • Access Consciousness in person
    • Access Consciousness BARS Sessions
    • Access Consciousness Body Processes
    • Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift
    • LifePrint analysis in person or distance
    • Teaching Access Consciousness Body Processes

Elaine Stavrou

Elain Stavrou Membership 2021

Elaine Stavrou
Reiki Master Trainer,
Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Trainer, Crystal Healing Trainer, Practitioner :- Colour Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Jikiden, Tarot, Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Counselling.
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  email:  Mobile: 082 889 0872.

United Kingdom

Suzanne Zacharia
EFT Master/Reiki Master

020 8133 5356

Practitioner Number :0020 0000 0001 0002

EFT Master Trainer




Master Trainer for EFT tapping
Mobile: (0049) 151 5010 7135
Phone: (0049) 30 488 14948

Membership Valid until Nov 2021

Stacey-Lee Janssen
EFT Trainer
Berlin, Germany

Associate Members

If you are interested in associate membership, please contact us on





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