What We Do

The Energy Healers Association’s main objectives are the promotion, development, and gaining acceptance of the group of complementary health modalities loosely termed “energy” techniques.



With this in mind, we have worked along with other associations,thus forming the Energy Healers Organisation of which we are a founder member association.

The Energy Healers Association looks after the healers, practitioners, master practitioners, and master trainers, for the modalities of Reiki, EFT Tapping, Access The Bars, and Crystal Healing. Most importantly, The Energy Healers association is doing everything it can to ensure the public knows and trusts these modalities.

The association’s secondary objectives are to work in collaboration with other Associations & organisations that mainly deal with complementary health. One of our aims is to get medical aid/Medical insurance payments possible, for example. This will take a few more years, and so it is essential that members are up to date with their EHA associations membership and Continued Professional Development, so that they will be in the system already and able to benefit from this.

To enquire about membership or training, please contact us in the first place here https://www.energyhealersassociation.org/about/contact/ and we will get back to you, normally within hours.