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You believe in what the Energy Healers Association is doing and would love to fund the progress and successes we make on your behalf. by supporting your community this way you can give back to society and the community that supports you!

You want to do this because you know, like we do that by supporting a good cause like this, you will be helping society improve in time.  We have programs that can only happen when we have funding and every little bit helps, give $1 a day and you wont feel it (we hope) and it will make a huge differencce to those we support. Our supporteres money in the past has been used to help those  who cannot afford training to get that training free and the skills upgrade as helped those who benefitted to change whole communities. Every Rand , GBP, US$ you give counts...

The price for membership is R 1.00 per Month.

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Pay directly into the bank details provided, send confirmation of payment and proof of your previous experience if any. We will get in touch. please out in your safe senders list., fees are in Rands listed in the membersfees forms.

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