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Approved Training

Approved Training Standards

EFT Reiki Training South Africa ImageWe have great trainers and want more good trainers to come forward. If you have courses and training to be included, this is how.

We can approve of individual teachers, schools, or colleges, and all their students.

If you are a teacher, trainer, school, or college, please contact us to apply for approval, giving us your organization´s name, address, training that you wish to have approved by us, contacts, and contact telephone number.

To apply for membership, please click here to follow this link and what is needed to comply with the legal requirements

Approved Energy Healing Training Standards

To become a self-healer, say in Reiki, or EFT, or any modality, the path is very much the same. It is based on very high standards where your energy changes and you experience a growth and development. The aim is for you to become wiser, happier, calmer, and healthier. This allows you to self-heal or help friends and family at no fee. The requirements are as follows, giving EFT and Reiki as examples.