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Licence to Use the Logo

Energy Healers Association Logo
Energy Healers Association

If you are a  registered  practitioner  member of the  Energy Healers  Association you may   use  of  the  Logo subject to fair use  conditions  listed  below and the association rules, codes and  ethics  of course must be  adhered  to.

What you can do

  1. You may display the logo on your  web site with a  link back to this  site,  the code  is  below  for you to copy and paste into your HTML editor
  2. Please  do  let people  know you are a member with a  link  to your practitioners listing
  3. Print the logo on training  material once you are recognised as an official trainer
  4. Please let people  know  under  the  image  provided  below what the  highest level of training you have completed with an approved  trainer
  5. Please do share  who your association approved  trainer is (if  they have  a  web site share the love  by linking to their site too).  This way the  public  will be  assured  by your professionalism and  quality standards with verifiable references and you can benefit in turn with a  reciprocal link from your association listing.

What you cannot do.

  1. Print the logo on promotional material without permission e.g: if you are not an officially recognised  trainer or not an officially recognised practitioner member of the Energy Healers Association. If you are a practitioner, you may not use the logo as a trainer. To get the relevant qualification if you don’t yet have it please  click here
  2. You may not print to resell mugs, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers  etc without written approval
  3. Make  representation on behalf  of  the  EHA (Energy Healers  registered  charity without official written approval
  4. You may not take out loans on behalf of  this  charitable  association without written approval


To get the logo please register and apply to use it, always put a back link to the Energy Healers Association web site listing you have as a practitioner or if a wonderful person as a supporter to our donations page

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