When advertising your courses, start with the full fee

I often see new trainers trying to start by cutting prices. This is always a mistake.  This makes you seem cheap and it will take a lot longer for people to respect you as a trainer or practitioner.

Typically what works well is to advertise the full price but for example then offer 20% off if and only if, they buy before the time.  You then set the parameters and act on them.  If you say pay on or before this date, then after the cut off date, increase the price by 5% until a week before the event/training/sessions its at 90% of the full fee and two days before at 100% of the full fee. Try to keep in line with the rest of the industry as a price war is destructive and silly when there are so few doing this kind of work.Wellness Professional Success Blueprint – A Step-by-Step Growth Model Start off as you mean to continue is an old saying, ABC is another in sales,it means “always be closing” and this is what you want as a practitioner or trainer. Train your clients to buy early bird style.

Why early bird?

Because it works.  It helps you to get the funds to prepare well in advance and for those who use hotels, also go and speak to the management and ask for any discounts you can find, from the attendees renting rooms, to discounts on the hire of the facilities in their slow periods.  Ask or you just wont know these things.

Trainers and Memberships

When you train a new client in any level of any modality, please do remember to provide them with the codes and ethics, if they do not sign, they may not practice on the public. Their membership fees also help to provide you with support and other benefits they themselves then gain from.

Once they have been assessed and suitable to practice or train new people then, once you have given the relevant documents in, you send us their certificate of attendance and a letter stating what the situation is and if they wish to be a practitioner, master or trainer they must sign those codes and ethics, to get them on board you as the trainer include that fee in the cost and pay it over to the association to get the certificate of membership approval allowing them to run their practice as a public facing office.

What is required for new members to join.

  • Proof of their prior learning
  • Proof they passed
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of address
  • Your certificate of attendance
  • An up to date photo
  • all contact details.
  • Membership fee to be paid in by trainers and paid by the member the year after to keep the benefits of membership.
  • Join link, follow here

By helping, this association, your association to grow you are directly helping yourself and your trainees create jobs and more people who are trained mean that you have a future income from all those level 1 students later on and the more people who get trained, the better it is for the country as a whole. Not to mention that you as a trainer can make a full time living if you apply yourself.

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