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Reiki Practitioner Heals Cape Town Dog

Roxy in Cape Town After Reiki image

A lovely Reiki Healer in Cape Town, Joanne Mkhize, sent me the following story.

Hello there. I hope you are doing very well. I would like to inform you of Roxy’s progress and my first Reiki pet success testimonial. As you know she was suffering of a terribly itchy and red sore skin condition for the past year. She was lethargic most of the time and could spend the whole day sleeping and when awake was scratching herself until her sores bled. My brother has been to the vet several times during the past year and applying several ointments without avail. I decided to use Roxy as my first Reiki pet client. We started with four days of distant healing for about 45 minutes each night. After the first night’s treatment, she immediately came to me and followed me around when she saw me. After the second night, she still had sores but the scratching was less. After the third night she stopped scratching herself completely and evidently the itching has stopped. The sores are still there but it is healing and no new sores appeared. She is also more vibrant,loving and the sadness in her eyes has disappeared. She is active during the day and interacts with our other dog.

Roxy has really started being the watchdog she was intended to be.

I just love a good dog story. And here is Roxy:

Roxy in Cape Town After Reiki image

Awww – adorable, isn’t she just?! To Contact Joanne For Healing:

Joanne Mkhize
Reiki and EFT Practitioner Cape Town
Phone: 076 534 2131

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