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Marcelle in Cape Town Lost Weight Whilst Stopping Smoking

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

Stopping smoking with EFT usually has added benefits for the ex-smoker-to-be. You see, you can only stop smoking with EFT when you become at least calm enough from within to feel as peaceful and satisfied without cigarettes as you were when you smoked. In my experience, no other method does this anywhere near as well as EFT. You may be new to EFT, or it may be a familiar friend. Either way, I hope this story gives you inspiration. It was written after one of Marcelle’s sessions. She is now a non-smoker.

“Marcelle” (not her real name) arrived at her latest session with mainly good news. She is on a smoking-reduction plan, reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily as her need for the habit declines with EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques. This time, her plan was a maximum of 6 cigarettes a day, and she had had days of 2 cigarettes and days of 5 cigarettes. This is good.

Amongst about 10 successes, there were a couple of hiccups. On two days, and only two days, since our last appointment 12 days previously, she had smoked an unusually high 10 cigarettes. So we set about working on those specific days. It transpired that on those days, her young children and grandchildren were making a lot of noise, being over-active, somewhat too demanding for the average person, and not wanting to go to bed after 9 pm. Marcelle would go and have a cigarette on those occasions, when the stress with all the children became too much for her. She did not enjoy those cigarettes but just reached out for them. “It’s a habit”, she said. I replied, as I tapped on her, that the habit was to reach out for a cigarette instead of using another coping strategy. I asked her on a scale of 10-0, if she were to relive that night, what number cigarette desire would she have? It was an 8. So we set about tapping.

We tapped on aspects like “Even though they’re all so noisy, and it’s too overwhelming…”, “Even though they keep moving about, and it’s just too much energy to cope with…”, and “Even though they won’t listen…” and got it down to a 3 out of 10. Then we tapped around the thought that because her mother had abused her, Marcelle would never hit the children or shout at them. I suggested that maybe she felt like shouting but the cigarette calmed that down. Then we worked on better coping strategies for this situation. We found that an energy grounding visualization would be helpful, so we practised it in the session. The way it works is that Marcelle taps on her Collar Bone continuously without words, as she visualizes all the extra energy absorbed from the children flowing out of her body, from the top of her head, through the centre of her body, through her legs, through the soles of her feet, and into the ground. The energy would then be absorbed by Mother Earth, where it would be recycled into something more useful.

We worked in this way on the second children incident which triggered the second spike in Marcelle’s smoking. We got both of them down to about a zero. I then set Marcelle a new target of 2-5 cigarettes maximum a day. She happily and calmly accepted this new target. I gave her another progress sheet to fill in, and we had a pleasant conversation as she was on her way out. She is always relaxed after these sessions, and they are helping her to be a stronger and happier person overall.

I love this added benefit of working with EFT. It strengthens you from deep within.

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

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