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I have seen a number of adverts by people who train in unregistered modalities making claims of treating and curing serious illnesses and diseases. You may not misrepresent the situation for personal benefit, it could be illegal and possibly criminal in the country you live in.

Now as attractive and hard sell as this can be seen to be, Its misleading and most definitely illegal. When you sign the codes and ethics as a member you are informed (as often as we can) that these things are forbidden and your Trainer should also be telling you these things.

You may not use the following words as a non medical practitioner, even medical practitioners know to shy away from some of these terms as they are fully aware of the fact that we are all just facilitators for healing.  The human body does the heavy lifting and the energy healing provides an assist. No more, no less. No ego either.

Treatment, Big ” no no” unless you are a registered medical doctor, use session.

Cure, absolutely not.

“Prescribe, herbs and potions”? never, unless you are qualified Medical Dr registered with the Medical and Dental council.

Also remember that Aura reading is not a trade marked nor patented idea and anyone can learn how to do this simple technique.

Therapy , Therapist, is for medically trained personnel, you may call yourself, if qualified and registered with a practitioner number, a healer, practitioner, Master, Master trainer or variations thereof.

You may not work with dogs or pets without the Veterinary council permission, its the law. If you wish to open a practice do do this, then write to them and ask.

If you are tempted to go to a temple visit in Egypt, its unethical to do any kind of worship as its illegal and the only way to get into the temple and not be arrested is for the tour leader to bribe the official.

Please check that you are not putting yourself in any kind of danger of arrest in a foreign country with  laws that prohibit freedom of religion.

If your practitioner or master is prejudiced then please report them. This is not allowed and it is illegal as well as being possible hate speech in certain contexts.

Its a learning experience and we are all trying to improve on a daily basis but a great start is to ask for their EHO practitioner number. Our members get theirs issued through us from the Energy Healers Organisation NPC, if you are training, you should ask about this.

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