Practitioners Insurance

You can get that practitioner number and insurance that you need through our recognised association, backed by international underwriters and brokers through the Energy Healers Organisation, the industry body.


Energy Healers Association Logo*Govt policies require that we have proof, if you are not yet up to standard you can join and get that upgrades you need through CPD and healing circles shares as well as through our approved trainers/instructors members.

Once you are proven competent, then you will be issued your practitioner membership certificate which then gives you access to the lower costs of insurance through us by our broker and approved by the Energy Healers Organisation, the industry body for Energy Healing Modalities world wide.

We  were part of the process to get this started and part of the team behind getting official recognition,  we can be sure that the minimum standards are there to ensure that the industry never stagnates and that shared information policy ensures that everyone uplifts the quality by experience.

With Experiential training the true start is once you are declared competent to practice and you start to really learn by observations during your professional career.

Join today and get official recognition worldwide and get an official qualification* recognised by the industry body through the Energy Healers Association and access to low cost insurance backed by world leaders and underwriters for energy healing modalities.

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