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Coco’s Chiara

Cherished Light
Changing the world,
One piece at a time.

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Born in Port Elizabeth but grew up in Cape Town, South Africa in a mixed Nationality home: my mother being Namibian and my father Italian, I received the name Olivia Chiara, ‘Chiara’ is said with a ‘K’ in Italian.
My father would always call me “Coco’s Chiara” which later I learnt meant: Coco: “My Cherished One” and Chiara: “Light”, “Bright, “Clarity”, and is associated with Archangel Uriel, the Angel that holds the lantern, lighting up the next step to take. This is exactly what I hope to bring to people lives and what I stand for.

Email Address:
Physical Address: Higgovale Close, Unit 3 — 7 Upper Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

I believe in lighting people’s souls on fire, the catalyst that grabs you with pure passion & joy and creates the tidal wave of positive change.
I believe in a touch of love just at the moment when you really and truly need it, changing a person forever in that moment.
I believe in Acts of Random Kindness.
I believe in being a Tree when living a Spiritual life: Roots anchored deep within our precious Earth, finding a path through the unknown, a strong and healthy trunk with branches that create safety and shade to all those around them; with leaves that stretch with all its might into the sky, catching the winds breath and vibrant sun’s warmth. Showing us the ultimate Spiritual way: Grounded yet with fingers reaching for the sky.
I believe that each and every single one of us is a walking Peace Grid. That we are walking around, as a human being, but acting as an active and fully charged peace grid transmuting Divine Peace & Light to everything around us.
I believe in being 100% with you and only you in our moments together, to cherish and to be cherished.

And so the Practice name ‘Coco’s Chiara’ was born!

My Reiki Training, Past Experiences and Other Skills:
1st: Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho Masters with Freddy Fourie in 2009, in Cape Town, South Africa.
2nd: Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho with William Lee Rand in 2015, within the Stonehenge circle.

I travelled the world from 2008, visiting and living mostly in West African and European countries: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Italy, France, Austria, and United Kingdom.
With a few months in South East Asia: Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.
I returned home to Cape Town, South Africa on 1st April 2015, best April Fools ‘joke’ ever!
Thank you Universe!

Usui Tibetan and Holy Fire Reiki Cape Town Master

Upon my travels I have worked in a variety of contexts, evolving to match what was needed.
I used my BA Degree: Community and Health Psychology Degree (Cum Laude) to help children of all ages in Ivory Coast deal with the pressures of life and Civil War, and opened my own catering company and specialised in sweet treats. I studied to be a Gemmologist with the GIA, taking courses with the ICSL and am a Diamond Grader. Reiki has been a solid companion and has always run its light throughout all these various vocations and stages in my life, allowing for remarkable experiences.

I work with Dowsing, Crystals, Astrology, Aura Reading, Aura Clearing, Healing Attunements, Healing Spirit Attachments, OSHO Zen Cards, Angel & Archangel Cards, Indigo Child Cards, Animal Spirit Cards and many others.

My happy place: What is Holy Fire Reiki?
I specialise in Holy Fire Reiki, it is my number 1 choice and preference.

In brief, 4 main points worth mentioning:
Firstly, lineage,
Secondly, the introduction of ignition vs. attunement,
Thirdly, the Degrees of Reiki and Symbols use,
Fourthly, the name ‘Holy Fire’,

In William Lee Rand’s words: “Holy Fire has no lineage. Lineage as it is used with Reiki refers to the physical person who originally channelled the energy, like the well-known Usui. No physical person originally did this. The lineage of Holy Fire Reiki starts with God1. Holy Fire Reiki is passed onto each student directly by God”.

It is as if God is igniting you directly. This is Original source energy straight from Source connecting you to its infinite, which is essentially what a Reiki attunement is yet previous attunements have been passed from 1 person to the next, whereas this is 1 to 1, Source to Human, direct.
There is no higher attunement process than this. Hence the use of the previously used word ‘attunement’ has been replaced and is now called an ignition.

“Levels I&II, ART are done in a similar way as they were done in the past staying with Tradition, with the teacher physically interacting with the student including symbol placement, yet there is a distinct difference in the energy of these previous levels” (Rand,2015). It is far more refined and much more powerful with far deeper healings now being possible.
Things only really change on the Master Level.
There are two Master ignitions and a Healing Fire ignition. A pre-ignition is needed to purify the system in preparation for the two Master ignitions. A minimum of three days are needed for Holy Fire Masters.
The Tibetan energy and any 2nd Heaven guides fall away during the Pre-Ignition as it no longer serves you and your new Higher Vibration. You are starting to vibrate at the level of the Universe. Yet it respects your free will completely and if you do not like it, you can get attuned back to the Usui/Tibetan Reiki through the normal ways. But if you want to give Holy Fire another try, you will have to complete the 3 days again.

The same main Usui Reiki Symbols (CKR, SHK, HSZSN and DKM) are used on RI, RII, ART; with the exception that they have been further purified in order to hold the higher vibration and are infused with the original Source/God energy, making them stronger in their use. There is only 1 added new symbol for the Master/Teacher Level.

Laurelle Gaia, a respected energy teacher abroad, founder of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc (Sedona, Arizona), answers a question about concerns for letting the Tibetan symbols and guides go: “What I have found with the Holy Fire is that it simply creates a space for even higher frequency energy to work WITH our Reiki foundation. I also find that the energy itself will clear away blockages and doubts. Also, please realize that no one HAS to stop practicing any other form of Reiki. Holy Fire is simply available to those who are drawn to it. If Holy Fire Reiki is right for you, you will know. As always, follow your heart. Blessings, Laurelle ” (Laurelle Gaia, May 2014)

From a professional Jikiden Reiki practitioner and Shihan (full teacher), Lorraine George says, “… this redefining the Reiki I learned and taught (the introduction of Holy Fire Reiki by William Rand of the ICRT), had presented an opportunity to put the Reiki Principles into practice. Since hearing about this, I’ve experienced, and also witnessed from several Usui/Tibetan trained Reiki Masters, confusion, anger and frustration. A surprise to us all, it felt like abandonment, or betrayal to the school of Reiki that had held our loyalty. It questions our integrity as Reiki Masters. What was true is no longer. Symbols retired, techniques streamlined. Where do we go from here? And what of the students we had already attuned and taught ART, Master and Karuna?
What do I say to them? What do I say to the students and Masters I fostered into Reiki or befriended along the way? I found the answer in the Reiki Principles.”
Please Read her Full Article here:

Reiki is the most ancient energy grounded upon the infinite; it was around before Usui, being in use for decades in various forms, evolving and changing in ever increasing ways. Keeping Reiki from evolving is like forcing a butterfly to stay in its cocoon. The only thing that won’t change is the fact that everything changes.

Holy Fire Reiki confronts us on EVERY level. This is exactly what Reiki is known and honoured for. It requires us to keep healing at ever increasing deeper and deeper levels than we ever thought possible; asking us to let go in grace and full faith, following the path of Love.

The Reiki Ideals
Just for today do not be angry
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work and be kind to others.

‘holy fire’ = Energy to be Whole.
Rand, W (2015), “The use of the word holy2 in the name Holy Fire3 is not intended to have a religious meaning. The word holy has as its root meaning to be whole and complete and this is how it is used in Holy Fire. Therefore, Holy Fire is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.”

Once Holy Fire has been ignited in the student, it continues to grow in strength and vibration, cleansing more deeply, healing and empowering in ever more powerful ways as you more strongly match the rhythm and vibration of the Universe. Issues over time seem to just melt away, whereas once they could bring you to a standstill.
It refines and empowers all other energy work, it gives you a gigantic reservoir of energy to work from, none other than the infinite Source of Love and Pure Light. It’s like you may be channelling a river, a stream, a lake and now you have an entire never ending Ocean of all healing frequencies at your finger tips. The only boundaries are the ones you set yourself. Reach your ‘highest Ki’. A wonderful article is written about this concept by Rick Rivard: “Reiki and your Highest Ki”, found through this link:

Rand, “it is always possible to increase the quality and quantity of the Universal Life Energy one is able to channel. And in fact, given that the Source of this potential is considered to be unlimited, the potential for us to tap into an ever increasing value of the Universal Life Energy is also unlimited. This is similar to having a library card. Just because a library card gives you access to the library, doesn’t mean you have read all the books and comprehend and can make use of all the knowledge in the library; it only means you are now able to continue to study and develop your knowledge.”

“Reiki is the Love of the Universe.
Reiki is the origin of life.
Reiki fills the Universe.
Utilizing Reiki is creating life.
Reiki lights up our life.”
– Gendai Reiki Charter.

Email Address:
Physical Address: Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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