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EFT in Cape Town – Finally, There Is An Alternative To Hypnotherapy

Finally, we have a book on the New York Times Bestseller list about Tapping, otherwise known as EFT.

Now, Tapping, or EFT, is starting to go mainstream, and I am delighted! Starting my healing career as a hypnotherapist, massage therapist, and Reiki Practitioner in the UK, I soon did everything for which people came to me for hypnotherapy with EFT. Only about 1-2 percent of clients declined EFT after they found out how good it was. I moved from hypnotherapy to EFT for those conditions and never looked back – everything from confidence, stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and phobia, to smoking and weight. And clients referred others just because tapping is so awesome!

I am now married to a Capetonian and live in Cape Town. I am delighted that Nick Ortner’s Tapping book made it to the New York Times Bestseller list. Now, we will have many people coming to EFT, in my experience, more effective than hypnosis, because it removes the problem at the root.

And I have just finished watching a trailer for this new book about EFT Tapping, that was inspiring, captivating and eye-opening, and it reminded me about how we have the power, each and every day, to completely transform our lives:

The book, which was just released this week by Hay House Publishing, is called “The Tapping Solution”, and is written by Nick Ortner, who has done a great deal for publicizing EFT. You may also find it at bookshops that sell Hay House books.

If you have tried hypnotherapy and want a more complete solution, the energy healing element from EFT Tapping could be just what you need to get all the way to your own personal freedom. If so, I would love to hear from you. I offer up-to-2-hour EFT sessions in Cape Town’s CBD, open at hours to suit you. There is now a solution in Cape Town which is recognized by a mainstream publisher. If there is anything I could do to urge you to try it, of course I will. I know how well it can work! Please call me on 072 700 5334 or email me at

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