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I saw what this boy came up with and though:
“That’s the sort of thing we are doing!”

Low-Cost Highly-Effective Pancreas, Ovary and Lung Cancer Detector

It is so simple yet can be so effective. 199 Institutions said no to him taking it further before 1 said OK. This is so much like our work, I had to include it. Here is the video of what this one boy did:

Just like the Low-Cost Highly-Effective Pancreas, Ovary and Lung Cancer Detector…

We are a committee of six dedicated people who have a simple cost-effective solution with an EFT social Development plan for South Africa, where it is desperately needed. Many cancers are now thought to become more likely to happen because of lifestyle (for example, everyone knows the link between smoking and lung cancer). We can help, in our low-cost highly effective social development campaign. We have a technique that helps people to happily change their lifestyle in ways never experienced before. It is new, so you may not have heard of EFT or its myriad of uses, documented by scientific research. Please support our work. It is so simple and cost-effective that most people have a hard time figuring out that it is for real. But we have found a unique solution. Please, even if it is only $100 or as little as $1 or R10, help us do more of our good work in South Africa. Just donate here:

OR, if in South Africa, you can donate directly into our bank account here:
FNB Bayside: 62339126345, Branch Code:203809, IBAN Number/Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

NPO Registration Number – 102-842-NPO

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