Tik Cape Town Addiction Recovery Story – Prevention Of Buying Tik

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This article is one in a series about recovery from tik addiction, written with gratitude to Yasmin, who agreed to let me tell her story to inspire others. Tik is the term used in Cape Town for crystal meth.

Yasmin’s tenth session started with a confession. She had shared a friend’s pipe two days previously, as such she had 11-12 days of being totally clean, one mishap, and then two days clean afterwards. Looking at her, I could see that it was not one or two tokes only. So we set to work on this to start with.

The aspects we dealt with this time were peer pressure. Yasmin said that her craving would be a 3 out of 10 if a friend was smoking in front of her then. We tapped on three statements he friends would say after she would have told them that she was not smoking (tik) any more. They went something like this.

“Come on, who do you think you are, all pure now?”
“What, you’re becoming a nun now?”
“Come on, Yasmin, I know you really want to smoke.”

We tapped on all the above statements and whatever else came up until the craving became a zero. I am sure that this is not the end of it. The friends can be very insistent and in the next session, I want to start working directly on Yasmin’s self-love and self-esteem if nothing new presents itself, so that she would not need the friends’ acceptance so much. In the meantime, she is trying not to see them.

We then moved onto men and relationships. We tapped on feeling deceived and used by her ex, and although there still needs to be more work, we are slowly making headway. I need to treat childhood father issues, as these are the most obvious roots of but we do not have the luxury of time in these short sessions, as Yasmin cannot get babysitting to come during the weekend and cannot take enough time off work. I hope to have the opportunity soon, when there are no urgent issues to address as a priority.

In every session, we are dealing with one or more aspects of the addiction. And the addiction is pretty much at bay. I am now concentrating on preventing Yasmin from buying tik. We seem to be achieving that, and when Yasmin has more money in a couple of months, that will be the true testament to her success. I saw her a few days later and she still had not used at all, despite the opportunity and a great deal of stressors in her life.

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