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I did my bit, now over to you!

I know I’ve talked to you before about the Energy Healers Association and the work we’re doing, but please bear with me for being so excited, I ask again!

The work being done, helping people in South Africa overcome trauma, rape, abuse, and narcotics addiction, to heal and become whole again (some for the very first time ever) is very, very special.

You see, the way the Energy Healers Association does it is according to this principle:

“Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Teach him how to fish,
and he has food for life”.

We are training people who already are in a helping position in the community to help others. For example, Joanne helps out a remedial class at her son’s school, unpaid, currently using Reiki as a Reiki Practitioner member of the Association. She is now going through the process of training in EFT so that she can help the children even more. And the children can then use it again on their own, empowering themselves even when Joanne is not with them. She is already helping with Reiki and guided by the Reiki Principles.

We need your help. We need initially only R5000, which is approx  £450 or $350, in order to get more people like Joanne training.

We spend money very wisely, and some of this money will be to make videos of Joanne and others in order to show to companies that can give us money as a registered charity. Some of these companies will
be donating money so that we can reach more people to train. As little as this amount seems, the rest will be used to pay the very small expense we incur training more angels like Joanne who are local and so can travel to us for training.

Can we do it?

You can! Even giving R50, £4.50 or $3.5 can make a Huge difference to our campaign. Please make a difference today. If you can’t, please put this message on your Facebook and other social networks
and ask your friends.

Even just R10, £1, or $1 can make a difference. If everyone on this email list gave just that, we would make more than our campaign target for now. Remember, your money is not wasted. It is all used

Thank you in advance for helping to create more Energy Healing angels in South Africa.

Thank you so much!


EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

PS – This is the total of 31 classes I have recorded. I started at one gym branch, and after finding out it was impossible to complete there due to lack of transport in time, I completed the rest at my local gym, where I actually did 7 classes in one day. See here:

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