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In August 2009 Sally-Ann came to see me about cravings.At the time I asked her to bring along the food that was her weakest vice. This was pringles.

As this was over year ago I can’t remember all the details but she came along with her pringles. When we began her desire for the pringles with them just sitting on the table was 8 out of 10, with 10 being ‘I have to have them now’ 0 being ‘I don’t want them at all’. I refer to this as her SUDS (Subjective Unit of Distress) level.

After the first round her desire went down to a 6, the next round a 5 then a 3 then a 1 and finally she had no desire for them at all. All of this was just with the pringles sitting on the table.rnrnWhen we opened the packet everything changed and her desire shot up to a 12. She didn’t have one, but we tapped again. On the first round it continued to escalate to a 15, she was salivating at this point. In my experience, when this happens the next round I know will be below where she started as she is tuning more into the problem.This round went something like “Even though I’m salivating for these pretzels, I completely accept myself” with the reminder phrase “salivating for these pretzels”.

Now her desire dropped to about a 9. It was still high, but lower than her starting point. We continued on until her SUDS was a zero on the smell. All she could smell was chemicals at this point, the pringles smell just wasn’t there.rnrnI encouraged her to taste a little to see if she could get her desire up more. She actually licked the pringle and it tasted ‘like sawdust’. By the end of the session, her desire was somewhere in the negatives. She left her pringles behind; she didn’t want them at all.

Her biggest problem was at home around 8pm under the duvet covers she would sneak a packet when no one could see her. She left her appointment around this time and I got an email from her the next day:

“Thank you so much for last night! I did not snack at all… so I am truly pleased with my session as after 8 is usually the time I am tempted the most to over indulge in eating.

I only had 1 more session with her, not on snacking, as that was no longer a problem but balancing her chakras. When I contacted her recently to get permission to publish this story her reply was:

“I do not mind at all if you use my experience in your article. It is so funny until now I even forgot I had the cravings in the first instance.”

Nicky Davies

EFT Quantum Touch and Kinesiology-based Quantum Energetix Practitioner, Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

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