Our healing modalities are taught world-wide.


Since most of our committee members have relationships with foreign organisations, we are actively
negotiating with these organisation for reciprocal agreements.
We accept members as:
• Reiki Practitioners if they have trained to CHNC standards (UK) or Reiki
Australia (Australia).
• EFT Practitioners if trained to AMT, AAMET, ACEP, or EFT Universe
standards (UK/USA).
• Reiki Master Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher if they have trained to
the Reiki Master equivalent to CHNC standards (UK) or Reiki Australia
• EFT Master Practitioners and EFT Master Trainers if they have trained for
a minimum of 3 years with AMT, AAMET, ACEP, or EFT Universe standards
(UK/USA) and additionally passed an interview and written test with one
of our  Master Trainers.
If a candidate is not suitable, they are offered further training to fill the gap in
their foreign training, or they are admitted as a member on a grand-parenting


SABA – we also accept the official BodyTalk South Africa qualifications as well as

ASKSA registered practitioners

Also any members or other organisations who can provide proof of prior learning for the subject they are applying for such as Access Bars and other modalities.

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