Energy Practitioners Association LogoRQA & Founding member of Energy Healers Organisation NPC PBO

The Energy Healers Association NPO is part of the founding of the Energy Healers Organisation under the direction of the founders and the management committee. With the need for fairness and due process we are ‘splitting’ the EHA from the EHO to provide clear accountability so that the RQA associations do not have to fear favouritism. Until now the EHA/O has been run as one ‘organisation’ but in the short period of time this has been ongoing it has become clear that we have to run a parallel association purely to look after the healer, practitioner & trainer members interests and this will only be seen to be possible when the membership organisation is run independently of the Energy Healers Organisation which was started by the Founders of the Energy Healers Association of which it is now a part with   other associations forming the core.

With this in mind the Logos will change slightly in the coming months to reflect that shift in focus and duty to perform the coming function, the Energy Healers Organisation NPC will keep the slogan but the logo will change to reflect the inclusive nature of the EHO.