1. Master Trainer Membership – Fee R980 per year (if your trainer pays for you its included in their training costs and they can apply on your behalf as they get it at a discount, thereafter you pay annually.) Benefits include website listing with your website or email links, plus virtually unlimited marketing on our News section as above, as well as other ways of marketing/advertising. Master Trainers who wish to be approved by the Energy Healers Association must fill in the EHA Master Trainer application form and additionally supply information on their training classes (please see the form when you download it). If you intent to run a school of master trainers then your school as a juristic person applies and your trainers pay a discounted annual rate.

    Additional Benefits for Pro Trainers

    **free membership for all your Level 1 Trainees

    ***an Official Supporters T-Shirt worth over R250.00 Retail. (e&oe Postage excluded)

    ****A Free Posting on the Practitioners Facebook Page (with Link every time you sign a new member)

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