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Energy is important.

Think of homeopathy, where the body heals purely by ingesting the energy signature of a substance. In homeopathy, a homeopathic pill may have zero amount of the actual substance and only its energy signature.

In the same way, we can help ourselves heal from, and protect from, a virus, by healing using its energy.

One way to do this is to think of someone non-triggering to you who has the virus. Maybe an actor or politician or a friend who is doing well with it, and ask that you connect to the energy of the virus. Then ask your body to start making antibodies to it.

A statement whilst you do your daily self healing can be as simple as “I accept myself and destroy the COVID-19 virus”. Or, “I value myswlf and destroy the COVID-19 virus”.

Do this daily and make it part of your routine. If self-healing is not part of your daily routine, now is the time to start.

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Set aside at least 15 minutes a day to self-heal. You can easily do it whilst watching TV, while staying at home to protect your family, for example.

If you have already caught and built up immunity from the COVID-19 virus, use this special time to send distance healing to someone you care about, repeating the same statement on their behalf.

If you catch the virus and find breathing a big challenge, add a statement like “I now take a deep belly breath, I can do this, yes I can”.

And let go of fear about the virus during your self-healings. Spend some time each day using your favourite energy healing modality letting go of fear. This will not make you silly enough to catch the coronavirus on purpose or through deliberate negligence but will free your body from negativity so you can concentrate on the positive task of having the strength to destroy this virus.

As for attending or giving classes, these must at the moment be online only. We have had questions about Reiki attunements, and we ask that if you do remote attunements and teaching at the moment, it must be followed by an in-person repeat when the social distancing is over.

Giving or receiving healing sessions must, of course, be online/remote only, keep the social distancing even after the lockdown has finished just to be safe and if you ever get any flu, stay home and if you need Drs script, then get whats required by law of course.

And I am very grateful to be alive and in relatively good health. Let us take a moment to show our gratitude.

Stay safe and be well,

Suzanne Zacharia
Founder member, Master Trainer

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