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Yes, its 2019, you have less than a week before making date mistakes on payments becomes a problem, must like gym.

Happy Shoes

Its one of the most common resolutions and getting back into the saddle after growing extra saddlebags can be daunting. Fortunately we have energy healing modalities (& trainers to help those who decide to take control of their lives) to help you do do just that, work with your energies to get to do what will help your jeans fit better.

Be it EFT Tapping, start tapping daily on the issues you can see so that pretty soon, you’re results will show on the outside too, with Reiki, take your time to do your self work and then you can also do BodyTALK, MetaPhysics and Kinesiology to name a few.

Your love for yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself, today. After all, if you do not love yourself enough to look after your body, the whole of your energy, how can you be well enough to look after and love others?

So, although spending time in the sun is great, upgrade to add something special to that, swim in the sun, if in colder climes, walk to the gym, stretch and relax, enjoy your private “me time”, then doing those resolutions won’t be a chore but a way of showing yourself, love.

Share the love, look after yourself, today.

You can find our list of approved trainers, if you need help you can also look up our approved members in your areas here

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