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You’re a trainer, you want to grow your client list, well now you can as a registered  member of the EHA you can use this to leverage and to grow your list grow client return rate.

Healing Share
Healing Share

By Including the Annual Membership in the fee, your chances of getting the new trainee improves your chances to increase your sales in this proven strategy…

Hilary Albutt

Its a simple but effective tip, include the membership means that your trainees can look forward to getting official recognition , not just in RSA but world wide.

Your Successful Future Starts with the Officially Recognised Membership of the Energy Healers Association

Your new trainee healers also benefit from that we have negotiated for the cheapest worldwide cover, locally and in over 200 countries world wide including all the African states.

Your  students are also covered once they have completed the training, they will already be members of the worlds’ premier healers association and with this and our specially arranged insurance, they will be able to get off to a flying start. With your providing ethical training to the highest standards why shouldn’t you be able to pass that on and gain a loyal following?

To make it happen, include the fee and then email us for our membership forms, once you have paid the minimal healers joining fee, its simple.

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