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Multi Modality Future Forward & Possible

Currently as we grow the future into being when prospective members sign up they usually start with one modality and so pay a single fee, this is fair and obviously correct. However, as we grow into the future, one where the qualification we have spent nearly a decade getting written up and going through the long approval process we are finding more and more people who have grown and learned more than one modality. 

So the question is how much? 

Well for now what we have been doing is asking “what is your primary modality” this is based upon experience as most people have a favourite Energy Healing modality they blend with others. 

So all applicants until now have been happy with paying the simple single fee for their chosen modality, be it BodyTalk, EFT Tapping, Access-Bars, Reiki, Meta Physics, Kinesiology, Crystal Healing and the like, however as we go on to the future where a multi modality qualification is possible (because we wrote it that way due the govt insisting on it) the question that will come up more and more is this, what are the costs and how much for the full qualification and not just the part qualification which is what most people will end up doing, which is just as valid and worthwhile having? The simple answer is this the more you do, the more it costs, not just you as the Energy Healer Apprentice but Practitioners and more specifically multi-modality qualification as you go through each modality until you get the full Monty qualification, backed by the govt in full.

The Full “Monty” Qualification

Its not going to be cheap either, as the assessor has to be paid separately from R1500 upwards per modality and its going to take a while to say the least. This also drives up our costs and to make it sustainable the reality is that we then have to charge extra if you want to have each practitioner level certified and practice number to reflect that.  Remember, that you can choose to just have a primary modality membership, which is fine because once you are qualified to practice any other modality, you can use them.

In short its up to you, ultimately

Clients like to see what you are qualified in displayed on the wall so having nine certifications showing how well qualified you are to do things is up to you and the kind of clients you serve. So for marketing purposes, not just proof, its often a great way to show your clients, yes you are qualified and even that you are still undergoing additional training for them to try once you are done for eg, if you started off doing Reiki, then start learning EFT-Tapping, you can display your Healer Membership along side your  Level one training cert to show your progress and the clients can support you in the quest to provide a better and better service, if that your journey, then you will attract those clients who are on a similar path.

Every Little Bit Helps

Remember that we are here to serve you, the community and help promote the adoption of the modalities and this, this takes a lot of money to do. No one works for free and we have to pay for services, support and the like, so any payment you provide goes to membership services and costs as well as promoting the uptake in formal society as well has promoting in local, community grass roots and all this takes funding, membership driven and provided support is always the first step in funding. Every little bit helps.

The choice is yours and your support is vital, thank you.


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