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Having just hosted a very successful healing share, where the members had a great time and got their CPD points I got to wondering why so many are losing out.

Healing Shares and the Practitioner

Healing shares serve three purposes

  1. The Beginner (healer member) gets practice/work experience
  2. The practitioner gets healing
  3. Access to experienced Master Practitioners /Master Trainer who can provide supervision support

To book your healing share now, look for your nearest registered Master Trainer, Master Practitioner or Experienced practitioner that is registered with the Energy Healers Association and approved by the EHO, the industry body for energy healing modalities including BodyTalk, Reiki, EFT, Access the Bars, Meta Physics, Kinesiology to name a few.

The trainer or host must provide a proof of attendance, which they then sign and your attendees keep to be sent to us for your CPD record.

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