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How & Why You Should Obey the Law

When starting your new therapy practice as an Energy Healer one of the things all who start have to deal with is “how do I get the word out that I am any good”.

Today the first route is to email your friends with things you are enthusiastic about, the problem is that do so is illegal. More importantly you could end up being put on virulent block lists that block your IP address.  

The USA, UK and South Africa  have laws to stop people making a nuisance of themselves trying to promote and or sell services. Even if this is innocently done, time today is valuable and when you do not consider your freinds time due of all respect, they are very busy, then why should they buy from you?  

  How to Get New Clients

For Beginners the first thing you will need to do is learn How To Market yourself and one of the best resources is Aweber.  Here is a simple point and click beginners “how to write”  and its a great way to grow your email list legally and help your business grow over time.


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Budget For this cost

You will need to budget for your projected earnings, roughly 15% of what your projected earnings will be needs to be on adspend. So if you project that you can earn twenty five thousand, then 15% of 25 000 is roughly 3500 – 4500 monthly.

You will also need to budget your time, between two to six hours a day to start off and it will take practice and with some miss-starts and reboots you will be able to  perfect your offering.

Top Tips

  1. do your research
  2. offer discounts only for bulk purchases
  3. there is enough room for everyone
  4. value your clients by offering your regulars specials you do not offer new clients

Being an Energy Healer Practitioner means you are free to live a lifestyle that suits you, at your pace, one that is fulfilling and rewarding emotionally, spiritually and in many practical ways if that is what you plan for.  Provide an ethical well run service, with kindness and honesty and you will get known for being a good kind provider. 

Make no promises of cure nor try to be a medical doctor ( unless you already are a qualified physician)  and membership-application-25.1+ Reduced cost insurance with your membership practitioner number and insurance in hand you can start to build your business and with the regular tips and trick, stand a great chance of growing  your business and improving your quality of life.


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