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For a long time we have tried to get the message through that helping heal people and their personal issues helps society with the side effects of drug addiction, antisocial behaviour, theft, assault due to robbery to name but a few.

It is well known that people who are lonely, sad or depressed, drink and take drugs. So why is it then that society has been incorrectly informed as to the causes?  “Oh get over it”& “Ruk jouself reg”, sound familiar? When someone has a broken leg that wont work now will it?  But help them to see a plan and have support and hope? Then they will grab that with both hands and fight with all their might for the future they want, with family and friends and the full support structure we are supposed to have.

The word, Inclusivity, get used to it, learn to love it.its how we will fix what wrong with society, together.

We need your help to make this happen and by helping us, you seed the future with a better society. This seed money helps us to help you have a better life by helping people you have never met. By helping us to help you to have a better life by helping people you have never met, you then won’t ever meet them in a dark alleyway.

Seed your future with love and help and we can help you to have that better safer future sooner and perhaps even save your life.


Please donate today.

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