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For those who do Reiki or any Energy Healing Modality I was asked this question in my inbox.

“I was wondering if you could give me some guidelines as to the lifestyle choices a healer should be following?

Does one need to keep one’s body and mind free of toxins and substance abuse?

If toxins were to be indulged in, how long should one wait before resuming any energy work?

Are there any spiritual principles that a spiritual healer should best follow i.r.o sexual behaviour and relationships?”

With the exception of being a twit and overindulging in booze and illicit drugs, pretty much anything goes as long as you look after your health and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle. No complicated routines needed other than keeping as fit as you are able to and eating what you can afford within your budget to keep healthy.

As far as the last two? the Reiki principles cover this, be kind to every living thing. We do not judge and we do not prescribe who you fall in love with and live your life with. That would be being cruel, not kind. So go forth and be kind to yourself and those whom you deal with every day. Be inclusionary and not exclusionary, share the knowledge in healing circle shares and enjoy your life.

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