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The Energy Healers Association is here to represent all energy healers, we operate out of Africa and at last count are the largest such organisation ( and members association) in Africa. We promote the use and professional representation of energy healing modalities, we have also done a world first by getting Governmental support to write up the international standards for energy healing modalities and while we were at it improved the standards and interoperability of the modalities so that certain common key elements are shared.

We have allies in the UK with Alex Kent being very supportive of this initiative. As people all over the world will benefit from the work we are doing in gaining govt recognition, being a professional Natural Energy Healing Practitioner will be respected and insurable.

Your association can join and you can then get insurance at a discount through us *once these negotiations are complete and published in the govt press gazette.

You then get an internationally recognised number* and as we bring the other benefits online all our allies and recognised quality associations will benefit too.

The money we raise for our charitable programs will go towards education of the poor in Energy Healing Modalities and Membership fees will go towards members functions and admin functions. ‪#‎DoGoodBeGoodGiveBack‬ means that our trainers are helping transform the poverty stricken into self empowered people who then go on to get the best out of life and have the tools to self repair.

Please do support our charitable drive to promote Energy Healing as you will get a benefit while helping the poor too.

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