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In order to keep the Energy Healers HQ open and operating I have had no choice but to licence New Age‘s brand and provide a local service.

Because of the possible conflict of interest of me being a Master Trainer & doing the Membership & Certification office work, I have handed over the certification and membership duties of the EHO & EHA respectively to Dr Sylvester Gasana.

This wonderful man has many years international experience in the learning spaces of some of the best universities all over the world and I am grateful to Dr Sylvester Gasana (professor, retired) for his wisdom and kind gentle strength.

He provides welcome guidance and advice when needed and if he feels in any way that I am being a tyrant he will stand up and say, stop or provide a stern but gentle nudge.

Thank you for your support and thank you Sylvester Gasana for all that you do. As a devout Christian who understands what Energy Healing is and how it is a tool that helps people I value what his experiences have brought to the table.

I also wish to thank Steve – Our steadfast co-founder and secretary for being a great hand when needed and providing guidance and advice as well his own perspective with meaty issues.

Then there is Nicky Davies an established Energy Healer and trainer for the Energy Healers Association as well as fellow director and committee member. Thank you for your help and direction when I have asked for it and your support for the charity when helps and benefits the poor and empowers the people.

Robert D’Aguiar as our Admin Manager for the Energy Healers Organisation who has provided welcome breath of kind gentle skill and knowledge, thank you for your expertise and advice, its been refreshing to have you with us and supportive of the cause.

I could go on for the many people who are helping and contributing, for everyone who I have not mentioned here, thank you too. You can be assured that I will always do my best to be as ethical as I humanly can be and keep the rights and responsibilities and my duty to the public top most in my mind when I apply it to the meaty problems so that I may continue to provide innovative solutions to uniquely Africa Based Solutions

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