Your Feedback Help Needed

We have been working hard on the behlf of the community to build a standard for all Energy Healing Modalities, with this in mind we have actively worked to be inclusive and remove as many barriers to inclusion as we can.

With the thought for the many thousands who will benefit with the skills and the training, not to mention sustainability and longevity of the standards we worked to produce we need your help.

How you can help

You can help, by contacting me using the contact form to provide feedback commentary on the syllabus and standard we have worked hard to complete in the last seven years and the codifying the basic minimum standards for each of the modalities that have been part of the process.

We actively looked for as many modalities as we could to include people and sadly some people chose to exclude themselves. No doubt we will welcome them with open arms when they sign and abide by the codes and ethics and the associations they belong to have the legally required status join up with the rest of the community in the EHO.

Use This Link to Be Part of The RFC Process of Public Participation.

You can save time by registering now, then once you are approved we will send you the link and password to access the post. This is to save us from a deluge of spam/mers and con artists.

Please do be part of the worlds first such process, have your say and make it count.

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