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How Energy Healing is a Profession

In setting the standard of Energy Healing we always think of how to make it accessible for all.

What is a profession?

A profession is defined in the Oxford dictionary as a vocation or calling requiring advanced learning.

Any healing occupation may be seen as a vocation, and this applies especially to lesser known/ less popular modalities where a practitioner works for the satisfaction of being in a position to help those less fortunate more than for the for the financial benefits.

A calling is also a speciality which requires advanced learning and skills. The qualifications required to become an energy healing practitioner, whilst not needing maths, science etc, cannot be learned without specialised training by suitably qualified teachers with the requisite experience and be acknowledge in the industry as such.

Further, the skills necessary to become an excellent practitioner can only be acquired by practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Not withstanding all the very valid points previously mentioned, you can earn a good living being an Energy Healer Practitioner or Trainer, be it with a combination of modalities which is common or a single modality specialist.

Want to know how you can be part of the community that does make upwards of R8000 per month running their own Energy Healing Practice?  See how one of our directors does this online in her own business.

Part of what the Energy Healers Association does is empower people to live a quality life they want and in doing this we help previously deprived people have a skill that they earn and with dedication and determination can provide them and their families with a good standard of living and even with enough hard work, become a well off person who gives back to the community while earning the respect of their peers and the community because of the dedication to the people we all serve.

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