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Chakra System1

The sacred three chakras are a major focus of HRT (Heart Resonance). The importance of these chakras for our overall health is vital.

With all of the energetic changes that have been occurring around us, the human energy field has had to evolve. The classic 7 chakra system, while still valid, no longer gives a complete picture of the human energy field.

A shift has occurred, which has increased the importance and energy of three of the seven chakras, with the other 4 taking a secondary role in supporting the shift of the aura into a higher frequency. I call these 3 chakras the “sacred three”, as they have a primary role in the evolutionary process humans are currently undergoing.

If these 3 chakras are activated and used consciously, integration of light energy is greatly enhanced. If any of the 3 are not aligned, empowered, or in balance, the ability of the energy field to resonate with full spectrum light energy is greatly decreased.

The sacred 3 chakras are the Base, Heart and Crown chakras. Together these 3 chakras act to align the aura and physical body to the Earth’s electromagnetic field, ensuring a positive protective field around the body and allow us to integrate more of the high frequency light we are currently being exposed to in our DNA.

When the first chakra (Base) is open and empowered, it acts as a gateway for grounding in the body. If it is not functioning correctly, it makes us more susceptible to artificial EMF’s in our environment. And to energetic overload of the nervous system.

The Base chakra is linked to our feet and Earth Star chakras. When functioning correctly, a magnetic resonance is created between Base and Earth Star. This helps to regulate the high frequency energy we are receiving from increased solar light, the increase in the frequency of Earth’s base resonance frequency and our own spiritual unfoldment.

The next chakra is the Heart chakra. This chakra is critical to current energetic evolution. When you vibrate Heart Resonance energy, there will be an automatic flow of energy coming through the Earth Star chakra, through the Base, 2nd and 3rd chakras into the heart. This can be amplified by focusing on the emotions of Love, Compassion, Appreciation and Joy.

This flow of energy will automatically spin and clear the 2nd and 3rd chakras. When your Heart and Base chakras are opened and empowered, your will, personal power and manifestation abilities will automatically align. As the energy moves into the heart, the auric field becomes strengthened and you become a strongly radiating field of love-centred energy. This creates a wall of energetic protection.

The Crown chakra, like the Base chakra is a gateway to an etheric chakra. This etheric chakra is the Soul Star. When the Crown chakra is open and empowered, the chakra becomes a gateway for the energy of the Soul Star to enter the physical body. The Soul Star chakra is the source of soul level emanations that manifest in the body through the crown. It is through this channel that high frequency energy enters the physical plane, creating a connection between your physical experience and your spiritual reality.

Because the Crown is naturally stimulated by a strong Heart chakra, an open heart almost guarantees a sense of spiritual connection. Once the crown is open and aligned, the natural flow of energy between the heart and crown will naturally stimulate, spin and clear the throat and 3rd eye chakras. The dynamic flow of energy between the Crown, Heart and Base chakras will automatically activate and begin to balance all other chakras in the energy system.

By Gavin Cruickshank of

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