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“Sue” was due to do some public speaking & had a feeling of a “deflating balloon” in her tummy.

I used a technique where the client transfers their feelings to random items in the room, and arrange these items to form a picture, or a structure.

We went through the technique with the normal responses & shifts, and then I noticed something placed to the side, that was not part of the structure. It was a figure made with metal rods with bent legs, and arms stretching up holding a candle, which was far bigger than the figure. I asked Sue about that, ‘no no that’s not part of all this she said’, ….and then she gasped & out poured a flood of words of the statue’s flexible legs, the out stretched arms holding ‘the gift of light’; the fact that the gift was bigger than the bearer, & it’s the gift that what counts, that is what needs to be heard”. It’s not about the bearer at all!

The next day she found herself speaking to a group of people quite at ease, and she picked up 2 new clients unexpectedly. She says she is now looking forward to the public speaking event as everything is different within herself.

This is the typical magical quality that appears time after time with using EFT.

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Shirley Du Plessis


Shirley Du Plessis,

EFT Practitioner at – 084 695 7457


Thank you so much Shirley for your story, and I hope it encourages many others to come to you – Suzanne, Editor of this post.

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