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Reiki Practitioner in Cape Town Almira Is Offering the Following

A life changing experience and no going back only forward.

What the workshop offers;
* Who you really are – I see a different person in the mirror in which
you see yourself.
* Why you are here – what is your soul purpose?
* How you fit into the universe – how can you assist God?
* How to reach that goal – I will give you the tools to assist.

And included a full body and aura energy scanning, which forms the
core of the workshop. The scanning un blocks and removes old unwanted
energies and connects you to your soul which is connected to God,
leaving you feeling loved, peaceful, uplifted, powerful and connected
with yourself and God, what a wonderful feeling knowing you are ready,
for what may come.

Using my unique self-developed gift, I can lift your spirit by
removing stress, writer’s / artists, blocks, fear, depression,
negativity, emotional blocks and unwanted energies.

You won’t have to come to me at all, because with my gift, I am not
limited by time or area. I can connect with you from a distance.

I am a firm believer of feedback and because of this you will receive
my findings in the form of drawings and words to describe what I

Family, house, pets and business combo. Individual rates.


Please email Contact or 0713559329

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