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As someone who grew up with a stutter I understand how it feels and what drives it. By the time I was nine I figured out how to stop. I still find myself in the company of people who do and because I know how it felt for me I can usually help stutterers become former stutterers while in my company.

However that was before I knew EFT. Energy Healers Practitioners can do simple yet effective things to help and I specialise in helping people I meet on the street, on the bus, in restaurants and even in meetings with sales people.

I do this to spread the message that there is help available and all I ask is that they tell their families, who it was that  helped them and show how it works for them. Occasionally I ask for a testimonial.

I met this young man who as a waiter was having a hard time getting past his stutter.  I asked him if he had twenty minutes before work that day so I could help him with his  problem.  He sat with me and I showed him the basic recipe for EFT and explained what I understood  about my own stuttering and how this technique could help him to take control once more.

Doing this often after we get a result also helps them to build self confidence and encourages  them to continue using the self help tool to solve their own issues.

I never promise a solution, just the opportunity to help them help themselves, and all they have to do is promise me they will try and they will keep using the technique after I am not with them any more, at home or in the street and to show their loved ones.

This is to help them be proud of the fact they can overcome this issue that has held them back or is something they want to get rid of.

He sat with me just before his shift about a month or so ago and we went through three rounds of tapping and broke it down to what I know it makes me feel like, and translated that to how it made him feel back then. Once we overcame those issues  with each round of tapping I gave him a tip I thought would help him when I was not with him.I also asked him to ask his mother how much it had cost her to get him help, which until now had not worked for him.

I have been checking on him regularly and noticed a steady improvement every time we chatted and yesterday I asked him how he is.

He was happy to report that he is now  stutter free and I can vouch for that. Much more confident too, I never heard him stutter once  the whole time he was working.

His mother is amazed.

*please remember that not every one reacts at the same pace or speed and this can take longer. It does help to get to the affected when they are young.


Hilary Albutt, tapping to heal one South African at a time.

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