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EFT Course Training Cape Town Accredited Certificated

Say EFT and Smile…

EFT, short for what I feel is a bit of a misnomer of Emotional Freedom Techniques, can help you with any physical, emotional, or spiritual challenge.

I am one of two EFT Course Training Cape Town Accredited Master Practitioners and Trainers in South Africa.

A full-time practitioner and trainer, I walk the walk as well as talk the talk. If you like the approach of someone who is frank, eager to get results, and uses a gentle yet determined approach, you will like my style. This is my own personal blog and what I have done with EFT to recover from a very serious like-threatening illness and end up a semi-professional athlete to boot in my spare time:

To sign up for my forthcoming EFT course, have a look now at my EFT Course Training Cape Town Accredited page at:

I often take on attendees that cannot afford the fees but help in their community and train them to help their communities better. If you want to donate to the cause, please see our donations page here:

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Suzanne Zacharia

EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

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