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Almira send this new message:

Thank you kindly for your support and emails.

Please note – we have a new edition to our happy takkie collection – all sizes available – what a great gift to give – gift vouchers available.

Please view attached new edition – walk your talk happy takkie inspired by Madiba his heart carried and united a rainbow nation restoring peace with love. The star is his love for children and the song he love to sing, twinkle twinkle little star. Of course the African flag must be on the takkies because we are africans and is our story to tell our children in the future.

Book early for 2014 January art classes – create your own story book “how to say no” to bad influences on a takkie and walk your talk. From 6 years.
All materials supplied including takkies.
R180.00 – if you can’t draw a stick man trust me by the end of the session you will be amazed of what is possible when you thought it was impossible in a blink of an eye.

You may bring your own old or new takkies as long as it is “canvas” shoes.

The Faeries and me brand is still available at the holiday special price for all sizes.

Your more than welcome to join me for a cup of tea to discuss takkie workshops and art classes for beginners.

Have an awesome day and may the brightest blessings find you!

Please forward onto friends and family and help me build my project to reach all children.

The Faeries and me.

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