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5 Dress Sizes Smaller image

5 Dress Sizes Smaller With EFT

As you may know, I am passionate about spreading the word about EFT and other energy healing modalities in South Africa, especially to help those who do not know about EFT nor have the funds to get a practitioner. This year we have made enormous strides by getting to a place where the South African Government is moving ahead with our qualifications project. This is important to every energy worker in every country, especially with EFT, a relative unknown. It means that YOUR government, wherever you live and work, will be more likely to accept EFT and similar powerful energy healing modalities for mainstream use. It means if you are struggling for credibility as an EFT Practitioner, you no longer have to. It means that that person with a limited income and constant pain can get help cheaply and easily. It means we can truly spread healing the way all of us healers really want to do.

Please donate what you (or your company) can, internationally via our charity page at or my weight-loss challenge page at

As you may also know, I am on the last leg of my weight-loss journey. And to raise money, I stripped for you, down to my bikini, on the beach here in Sunny Cape Town, with Table Mountain in the background, showing you all the weight I have lost.

Here is my Fattest picture at 98+ kg

My Fat Picture image

My Fat Picture 2009

These pictures are to show you that EFT works, in the hope that you will donate to our charity. Because EFT does a lot more than help people lose weight. It gets them off methamphetamine, keeps them off heroin, helps stop abusive partners, gets alcoholic mothers off alcohol, helps struggling children in school, EFT helps prevent poverty by keeping couples together so that children will not grow up in poverty with a single parent. And we have a very inexpensive and effective way of spreading it in South Africa, where it is most needed. Please help.

Please donate what you (or your company) can. Please donate today, directly to our registered charity Bank Account if at all possible (minimizing banking charges):
FNB Bayside: 62339126345
Branch Code:203809
IBAN Number/Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

We already help with Tik addiction in Cape Town and with remedial classes at a Cape Town school. But more work is needed, not only in the towns and cities, but also the often-forgotten rural areas. We are happy to train helpers in their communities for free (unless they can contribute) and in whatever language is required. They may need to pay for travel and board, but we plan to travel to wherever is needed, once our more urgent funding requirements are taken care of.

Or please donate what you (or your company) can, internationally via our charity page at or my weight-loss challenge page at

EFT Helps - It Helped Me

EFT Helps – It Helped Me

On Xmas day, I stripped down to my tiny bikini for you to see how it has all worked. And of course, your money will go to a good cause. Donate now. I shrank, you donate, and the poor and vulnerable in South Africa will benefit. Win-win all around!

Please donate what you (or your company) can, internationally via our charity page at or my weight-loss challenge page at

NPC Registration Number – 2011/138175/08
NPO Registration Number – 102-842-NPO

PS – if you want to know more about me, here is my weight-loss program for all.
Suzanne Zacharia
EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer
Board Member Energy Healers Association
Working hard to get EFT recognized and accepted everywhere

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