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Good news.

Energy Healers Association EFT Reiki South Africa ImageWe had a Scoping meeting with the  authorities concerned plus members of the energy healing community, and the answers are Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes all the way! We had to use all our skills and experience to get those “Yes’s” but get them we did. Thank You for your  support!

The only thing holding negotiations further at this stage is we are waiting for a decision from a government about moving forward the next step. Good things are worth waiting for, I think.

Imagine one day, you will be able to hold your head up high and say “I am a full-time professional Reiki Practitioner” Or “I am a full-time professional EFT Practitioner”, “I am a full-time fully qualified and approved Kinesiologist”, and be able to claim from and be covered by some medical aid etc.

Please have a look at the website for the latest Trainers and Training courses, Codes and Ethics, and our News.For  you or your friends to sponsor the latest Festive Season fund-raiser, here it is:

If you are a member,  I will be talking to you next year about our official certificates and Practice Numbers, if you do not have them already.

Also Energy Healers T-Shirts which are being printed right now, and so much more… You can support your  Charity by purchasing one for yourself so that you can proudly display your support.

If you are an associate member, maybe you have done a small course and your email ended up here, welcome to our news.If we have included you in error, please correct it asap, and I will delete your email from further news.

If you want to miss out on all the information from the Energy Healers Association, please reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject header, otherwise, welcome, stay for a while, and as you know, we don’t deluge you with news.

We hardly can find time for anything other than negotiating for funding and getting forms filled in for the government these days, and the fund raising efforts  never stop!

And thank you to our dedicated management team, board and committee members who have given of their time and much funding to help us get where we are. It is really amazing how they helped. I can understand why I help,  because I believe in this so much, but when others help, well, it makes me have a warm feeling in my heart like nothing I can ever describe. By the way, we have a position available (unpaid) for another committee member. It would look great on your CV, and when we do finally have extra funding to pay out, you will be getting some expenses for the work you put in.

Happy Holidays and…

Warm regards
Hilary Albutt,CEO

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