Aura Readings Cape Town 30 November – Learn to do Readings in the Aura

Energy Chakras

Aura Readings Cape Town 30 November – Learn to do Readings in the Aura

What is the Aura? It is your body’s energy field and contains all the information about you. Discover the key to unlock your blocks in life, find the path to a brighter future… At this amazing half-day class, you get an up-to-date reading of your own aura to assist you in all aspects of your life. And, you learn how to read your own aura and that of others. You learn how to read the chakras, Indian for wheel, the important swirling energy centres, which contain valuable information to guide you along the right path.

Aura Readings Cape Town 30 November – Cape Town -Book Here Now!

This very special class is only R625 with small classes for personal attention and maximum learning experience (next year the price goes up to R1445, so get it this year if you can – cancel anything for this class – you are worth it). The date is Saturday 30th November, 10:30 – 13:30.

Book by Bank Transfer Now – Very Easy

Book by bank transfer to NewAgeTherapies CC, FNB Bayside, Branch Code: 203809, Account number: 62385279106. Please reference your payment with the first part of your email address. And please email us as soon as you have made your deposit.

Suzanne Zacharia

Master Trainer Cape Town

072 700 5334


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