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Now that Tapping has reached the Cape Argus, I urge EFT Tapping members to send more of their Tapping success stories.

Tapping Arrives Officially In Cape Town

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Thanks to the wonderful book “The Tapping Solution” written by Nick Ortner, Tapping has finally been reported in a Cape Town big newspaper. The book has topped the New York Times Best-seller list, so I guess that means it really is something, wouldn’t you agree?!

The newspaper article author writes that she is a cynic but has been won over by Tapping. She says that it helps her release stress and feel calm.

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It may look silly, but if it works, who cares?! Let go of your stress, let go of your tension and pain. Practitioners have used it to help all conditions, from Stress to Cancer to Addiction, and just about any physical or emotional blocks in your path. Try Tapping, you may be pleasantly surprised…

Suzanne Zacharia

Cape Town Tapping Practitioner

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