Suzanne/ May 13, 2013/ News

New Aura CPD Course For Energy Practitioners

Are you a:

  • Reiki, Quantum Touch, Access The Bars, or Spiritual Healer?
  • An EFT Practitioner seeking a gentler way to find root causes than the usual questioning?
  • A beginner, wanting to experience a taste of what all this energy stuff is about?
  • A readings enthusiast, keen to get a reading and learn more about it?

Then you have come to the right place. On Saturday 1st June, there will be an Aura Reading class, with certificate and manual. Join us here, or apply by email here, because you are worth it!

EFT Reiki Trainer and Master South Africa

Suzanne Zacharia

Full Time Practitioner, Author, and Trainer

Director and Committee Member, Energy Healers Association


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