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Reiki Hands ImageYou may be thinking the title was to entice you to train as a Reiki Master. Well, of course, I would be delighted and truly humbled to be part of your Reiki journey. However, I have been moved to ask the question due to some considerations I urge my course attendees to make before deciding on what course is right for them…

So – Do You Want to Train to be a Reiki Master in South Africa?

It is good to stop for a moment and ask yourself: Why do you want to do Reiki Masters instead of being a Reiki Practitioner? A Reiki Master has a lot of responsibility to their pupils. Is that what you really want? Another consideration is that the South Africa Reiki register that we are working towards should not be asking anyone to become a Reiki Master in order to work professionally with Reiki. Some of the best healers out there are trained to Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. However, some Reiki disciplines (kinds of Reiki, like there are many different flavours of ice-cream) only have Reiki First Degree followed by Reiki Master. So do you belong to one of those? If so, what you really want is to be trained to Practitioner Level, which in the system I teach, like most Reiki systems, is Reiki Second Degree. Or you have the option of going back to your original Reiki Master and asking them to train you to Reiki Master in that system.

Other, less scrupulous Reiki organisations are not totally into integrity and tell you you have to be a Reiki Master in order to work as a practitioner. I cannot see any reason from what I have experienced except that they can make more money out of you. I honestly cannot tell you how many such-trained so-called Reiki Masters have come to me for re-training, and were shocked to find out they were not even trained to the level of practitioner before. I had to teach them how to be a practitioner, and they were in the strange situation of also getting a Reiki Masters that they decided they neither really needed nor wanted to use.

So, there are some decisions you need to make before moving forwards. It can be confusing. There are over 142 different valid and good disciplines of Reiki. There are so many different opinions. And people can be motivated by so many different reasons – money, a certificate, kudos. But all this means nothing in the world of Reiki, which is about humbleness, giving thanks, and being kind to all around us.

If you are interested in my approach, please check out my Reiki Training in Cape Town here. If you want me to come to you, that can be arranged. Please contact me here for details. I hope this helps answer some questions for you.

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