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Access Bars Cape Town Courses and Treatments

I have had the pleasure to be given an Access Bars treatment by the wonderful team led by Megan Rogers, Access Bars Facilitator (for courses and training), and Pam Stone, Access Bars Practitioner, at our Cape Town fund-raiser recently.

I found Access Bars a great treatment and would happily recommend it to anyone who wants a gentle way to think more clearly. Here is a picture I managed to get of some of the team.

Access Bars Cape Town Courses and Sessions ImageTo contact them, here are their details:

Megan Rogers, Access Bars Facilitator, – 082 551 3236

Pam Stone, Certified Bars Practitioner, – 082 774 1737

Graeme Mortimer – Access bars Practitioner and soon to be Facilitator – – 073 485 7566

I loved the energy and would highly recommend this amazing team.

Raise funds for the vulnerable and youth of South Africa:

Do you want to raise funds for the association whilst helping your local community or getting complimentary marketing for your practice, like Megan, Pam, and their teams helped us to do? We can help you, step-by-step, to a successful event, raising your profile or just helping those around you that need help. If this grabs you, talk to Suzanne at – please remember to include your country, area/province, current phone number, and what your passion to help others is.

Why are we doing this?

We need funds for rehab training & practitioner support ( such as at, help with children (such as at and for bigger premises and a dedicated staff member.

The dedicated staff member can not only help with your queries, but can also raise more funds over the telephone talking to corporates with a donations policy, so that all Energy Healers Association healers and practitioners can get the best out of the association.

We are also trying to get enough funding to run more grass roots social development programs and all this needs your help.

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