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Why This Cape Town EFT Trainer Loves Doing EFT Courses

5 reasons why I love doing EFT courses in Cape Town:

  1. It’s a great way to introduce freedom to people who have hidden or known physical or emotional pain.
  2. I love seeing that moment when the attendee’s face is saying “where did my pain go?”  🙂
  3. I love giving back, just like those who so selflessly gave to me when I was very seriously ill. Every day, I am grateful, and I say thanks to God/The Universe for giving me this extra chance.
  4. In many workshops, there is at least one person who cannot afford a course but is a carer or needs help for themselves, and courses give them a chance to move forward. And their families. And their communities.
  5. EFT puts you in the driving seat of your emotional, physical, and financial health. I love teaching these steps to personal freedom.

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