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EFT and Access Bars Johannesburg Practitioner Success Story

“Jane” (name changed for confidentiality) came to me for help with her daughter who was struggling at school and her challenges she was having in helping her without getting into an argument or shouting match. We used EFT and although Jane had a number of other areas such as overwhelm being a single parent having to do too many things in too little time. In this session we only worked on 2 specific situations where helping her daughter had been a problem. These were a 7 and a 10 intensity on the 10 point scale when we started and after a few rounds both were zero.

2 weeks later Jane contacted me to help her with something else telling me she’d really noticed a shift already. Her daughter was doing really well, she’d got 10 out of 10 for one test and 18 out of 20 for another, this had never happened before. She also was feeling and seeing a change in herself and an opportunity had already opened up for her to give her first talk in the area of her dreams. I am looking forward to seeing more of these shifts in her, hearing these success stories just lights me up and inspires me.

My shoulder has been stiff and painful since a car accident in 1987 – 25 years ago – so what one treatment has accomplished is phenomenal!!

Just thought I would give you feedback on ours BARS session last year. I told you that after the session my right shoulder and arm were more functional and without pain and that I also had decreased pain in my right hip. Well, I am so very happy to be able to tell you that my shoulder and arm continue to improve daily! No pain, more movement – it’s a miracle!!! My hip has also been much better and I have noticed that it really only goes into a painfully spasm now when my husband has one of his hissy fits and verbally attacks me. I can immediately feel it seizing up – so need to work more on that.

Thank you so much, it’s wonderful to be able to see such a marked improvement after one session! Are you coming back to Joburg anytime soon? Please let me know as I definitely want another session!! – “Jane”, Johannesburg

Nicky Davies
Founder and Inspirational Healer – Towards Health – Johannesburg and Cape Town
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Board and Managing Committee Member, Energy Practitioners Association

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