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Yasmin’s second session for Tik (methamphetamine) addiction started with Reiki. I first scanned her aura and found too much activity in the shins and too little activity at the crown. The crown lack of activity in my experience indicates a depressed state, and so I said that I could feel a bit of depression there, upon which Yasmin nodded agreement, and seemed comforted that someone could connect with her feelings and validate them. I also pointed out the unusual activity at the shins, and she nodded emphatically, saying that because her bike broke down, she had to walk to work, and her legs ached.

I started by releasing at the shins, then I went to the head to start a chakra balancing between her seven major chakras, or energy centres. When I got to the throat, she started releasing with tears. I reassured her that this was normal, and that the throat chakra is where we store uncried tears and they were only coming out, so that her energy can become more balanced. I waited at the throat till she finished crying and was calm. Then I continued the chakra balancing. And by the end, the depressed energy at the crown had lifted; and so had Yasmin’s mood.

We then tapped with Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, on her bike break-down, on a close relative being also addicted to tik, and her child wanting to walk slowly that morning, when she needed to hurry. There was a release, especially around the heavy burden of guilt as the tik rules her head and takes her attention away from her child. We then tapped for her boss giving her a hard time. This was a big issue for Yasmin, and so we also did some tapping of “Even though I have this [Boss’s Name] feeling, I deeply accept myself”. At the end, Yasmin was happy not to need the Tik any more. She also confided that she had taken a small amount when she got into work that morning and then left the rest untouched and decided not to smoke it. After the hassle with the bike, that was very good. We tapped some more, and I gave her general EFT homework using the main points. I also showed her a fun children’s version, so she could involve her child in the tapping and feel more free to tap at home. She said her child will enjoy that.

We finished with a grounding Reiki treatment, and Yasmin left saying she felt as if a big load was off her shoulders.

It still is early days, but the fact that Yasmin had not finished her packet, despite the extra pressures on this day, is a source of optimism. We arranged another appointment for the next day, when Yasmin proudly announced that she had not had any Tik since that small amount the previous morning.

This article is in a series of articles written as soon as possible after seeing Yasmin. This way, you will know that it is genuine. The purpose is to open the minds of drug-users and those trying to help them about the possibilities with tapping methods like EFT.

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