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This article was written after a session with a client who has quit Tik, a drug that destroys the lives of  so many of Cape Town’s residents. But not the hero of our story. She is now free.

This is one of a series of articles about the recovery of ¨Yasmin¨, who used to be addicted to Tik, South-African slang for crystal meth. The purpose of the articles is to inform and educate the public about the power of a new kind of energy healing, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, the main technique we are using. I saw Yasmin again recently. She is now coming for sessions to relieve stress, not for Tik addiction. She has now been free from Tik for over a month.

In the previous session, Yasmin was upset about a rift in her family. Her father´s authoritarian rule is the main reason why some family members resort to addictions, ranging from Tik to co-dependency. He himself had a troubled history. We tapped on this recent rift, Yasmin´s upset for both sides, her frustration with it all, and released it. We used what I call talk-and-tap, where I encourage the client to talk about the problem in a directed way, whilst tapping on them. When they reach a part which is more intense than the others, I wait until the intensity calms down, and then we tap specifically for that part, using Setup and Reminder phrases as usual with EFT. We also worked on a work issue. Yasmin was lucky to have kept her job despite her addiction; many Tik addicts end up out of work, having stolen from their work, not turned up, misbehaved, or a myriad of other problems. However, now Yasmin is looking to improve at her work and move forwards to better pay. We tapped on all aspects of this for the time.

This session, we tapped on another problem which another family member was suffering. We reduced this from an 8 to a zero. There was no Tik craving as such to start with, rather more a realization that feeling bad was just feeling bad. it was not a need for Tik. This is an important realization that EFT is so powerful for producing. I find this across the board. I get the quickest results with addicts who have not been indoctrinated with the false belief that the drug serves no purpose. Addicts who have been brain-washed to believe that the drug never helps them to feel better will put up a big mental block to releasing the reasons behind their craving, as they have been brain-washed that these reasons do not exist. If the drug does not help people feel better, not even temporarily, then it serves no purpose. If it serves no purpose, then there are no emotional reasons behind cravings. Or so the flawed logic goes. And whilst this helps some addicts to cut off the drug with total denial, it leaves many simply helpless to deal with the very real reasons why the smoke, snort, inject, or swallow a drug. And I find that this applies to everything from Tik to nicotine.

TikSouthAfrica imageLastly, we worked on a time when Yasmin was 15 years old and witnessed her father throwing her mother down the stairs, with the resulting hospital stay and broken bones. This started at an 8 out of 10, went down to 3, and then released further to a zero. Yasmin left looking very relaxed.

I continued to see Yasmin for support and personal growth at this very crucial period in her life. She was doing very well indeed under very difficult circumstances, not all of which I can publish, for protection of anonymity. Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT for short, uses a mixture of acupressure and targeted wording to release the underlying reasons for addiction. Without these reasons, the addiction no longer is needed, and the addict can be set free. EFT can help everyone working with people with addiction, and can even be taught to the person in recovery themselves, to use whenever needed. Thank you to Yasmin for allowing me to write your story.

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