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Do your children get tantrums? Maybe your child is going through the Terrible Twos or perhaps they are simply prone to tantrums. Whatever the case, both you and your child can learn a fun and easy way to peace and calm.

This fun and easy method is called Emotional Freedom Techniques. Called EFT for short, it involves stimulating special acupressure points whilst using releasing wording. There are many ways you can learn EFT. There are many online resources where you can download a free basic guide to get you started, or you can attend a local workshop near you. alternatively, you can visit a local practitioner and learn both adult and child versions from them, and both learn EFT and get your child to learn from the practitioner. If you already know EFT or have learned the basics online, here is a child version for young children. It involves tapping with both hands on the following points:

Top of Head (like a monkey)
Thumping the Collarbone with the fists (like Tarzan)
(Optional, if you know it) Thumping the Under Nipple (Like Superman)
Under Arm (like an orangutan)

Just tap those points over and over again till your child wants to stop (this could be in less than a minute), or until you both feel happy with it, whichever comes earlier. There is also an excellent children´s tapping guide called Tappy Bear. Getting a Tappy Bear for your child is a great gift that you will both enjoy.

I taught EFT to a client and gave her many taping suggestions to do after our sessions. Knowing that she would be tapping with her young child in the vicinity, I also taught her the children’s version. I am so pleased to say that she has not only been tapping with her little girl, now four years old, but that her daughter as a result has noticeably less tantrums. She even taps for herself. My client explained how the usual tantrum tapping happens, should there be a tantrum in the making. My client starts tapping, her daughter immediately starts tapping on herself, and they both quickly calm down. That sounds just great, doesn´t it?

There is no need for your child to suffer extended tantrums. EFT can reduce their number and their severity. It can also give your child a tool to use for life, in order to feel better about any emotionally-charged situation.

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I don’t normally work with children myself, and I assess each case to see if it is right for me. If looking for an EFT practitioner, I would happily see if I am right for your child, or I would recommend a practitioner here.

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